Block Printed Bucket Tote


Print options available: Fern | Herringbone |


This tote is for everyday comings and goings. It is fully lined with an interior pouch pocket. The 28” straps leave adequate space for your elbow when you are slipping this purse on and off your shoulder.

Each stage of this tote was made at the foothills of the Himalayas, creating much needed jobs with fair living wages in a village in Rajpur, India. First, the cotton carded, cleaned, hand spun, and woven into fabric. Then, it is block printed by hand. The next stage is cutting and sewing it together. The texture of the fabric makes quite the statement.

Dimensions: 14.5” x 14” | 28.5” straps

Materials: handwoven cotton, vegan leather straps

JOYN provides employees with not only steady jobs and a good work environment, but a daily meal plan, education for their children, English and vocational training, and medical care.” JOYN company creates a personal work environment centered on dignity, love, and respect. Each person who works on the products signs the tag.