Fair + Simple Card


It’s difficult to pick the right gift for some people. Make things simple and let them choose their own gift.

A recipient of a Fair+Simple card can redeem it for ANY single gift from our cause-based, ethically sourced gift collection.

While viewing the gift choices, they read about how each item makes a positive impact. These causes range from clean water initiatives, job creation in a safe place with fair wages, a restorative house for women of abuse and addiction, educational sponsorships, support for refugees, resource centers for survivors of human trafficking, and many more.

The recipient will need a USA shipping address.

How This Works


Giver buys a Fair + Simple Card. This can be purchased as a physical gift card or digital card


Giver gives the Fair + Simple Card


The recipient redeems the code for any single item at fairandsimple.com


The recipient receives their gift by mail